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JAZZ METROPOLIS with LEE NORRIS,  is a phenomenal Jazz radio show carried on KMNO RADIO  91.7fm Maui Hawaii. Broadcasting locally and streaming world wide.The show airs Mondays from 8pm to 12am PST .Featuring the best in Latin, Afro Cuban, Classic, Contemporary, House and various other forms of Jazz.


Lee Norris (Producer, Radio Host, DJ, Music Archivist and a old fashion record collector )  has been a long time Jazz  aficionado for over fifty years. From New York to California to Europe, Lee has been involved in some aspect of the Jazz scene since he was a kid. Lee also acquired very deep roots in HOUSE and DEEP HOUSE while living in Chicago during his youth and now JAZZ HOUSE . His approach to his Jazz radio show audience is a carefully crafted blend of standard Jazz with  contemporary Jazz forms  and elemental concepts of  HOUSE creating a synergy that takes you on a mystical musical journey (if you will ), through the diverse neighborhoods of  JAZZ .So tune in and enjoy the ride  JAZZ METROPOLIS with LEE NORRIS on 91.7 KMNO Maui, Hawaii. Monday nights from 8pm -12midnight.........


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